#Youth Spirit Award

Let the awards continue!  The Youth Spirit Award goes to the card or chain reaction that offers the most innovative path towards personal success and fulfillment for young people.

There were lots to choose from (see all cards with #youth here) and quite a few cards that addressed young people without using the hashtag.

The #Youth Spirit Award goes to player LykkeAndersen, an economist from La Paz, Bolivia!

Much has been said about the role of education in paths out of poverty, and references have been made to the flipped classroom in which students are exposed to new lessons at night and do their homework during school hours as supervised by their teachers.  Player Lykkeandersen suggest another kind of flip–perhaps the students teach the teachers on occasion!

There’s a lot that’s implicit in this card, but which reflects some themes from our broader discussion about education and youth throughout the game.

  • respect that legitimate knowledge comes from nontraditional places
  • foster leadership in youth via unconventional and challenging expectations of them
  • adequately resource programs for youth
Congratulations to player LykkeAnderson!
Looking forward to hearing from more voices in the final hours of game play.  If you’re new to us–welcome!  It’s not too late to share your positive or critical imagination, or build on a card someone else has played.  
Play the game, make the future,
Game Guide Rachel

Mission 10: Le Spirit Award JEUNESSE

Les jeunes du monde entier sont à la recherche de nouvelles voies vers une vie réussie et enrichissante. Pendant les deux prochaines heures, nous allons mettre l’accent sur ??les moyens de catalyser de nouvelles opportunités inattendues pour les jeunes dans les communautés marginalisées.  Le Spirit Award de la jeunesse (Youth Spirit Award) sera attribué à une carte ou une chaîne qui offre le chemin le plus innovant vers le succès et l’épanouissement personnel des jeunes.

Si vous avez une idée gagnante pour catalyser l’énergie des jeunes dans les communautés pauvres ou vulnérables, Jouer à ce jeu!  Tag: # youth

Si vous avez déjà joué une carte dans ce sens, renforcer MAINTENANT et étiqueter votre carte: #youth

Inviter vos amis à jouer avec vous, et vous pouvez tous gagner le Spirit Award de la jeunesse!

Mision 10: El premio al ESPIRITU JOVEN

Las personas jovenes alrededor del mundo estan buscando caminos para llevar una vida plena y exitosa. Durante las siguientes 2 horas enfoquemosnos en encontrar nuevas formas de catalizar nuevas e inesperadas oportunidades para la gente joven en comunidades marginadas.

El premio al Espiritu Joven se le dara a la carta o a la reaccion en cadena que ofrezca el camino mas innovador hacia el exito personal y profesional de los jovenes alrededor del mundo.

Si tienes una idea ganadora para catalizar la energia de los jovenes en comunidades pobres o marginadas ha llegado el momento de jugarla. Utiliza #Youth

Si ya jugaste una carta con una gran idea enfocada en el Espiritu Joven, constuye sobre ella. Utiliza #Youth

Invita a tu red de contactos y tal vez todos puedan conseguir el premio al ESPIRITU JOVEN.

Mission 10: The YOUTH SPIRIT Award

Young people all over the world are looking for new paths to successful and rewarding lives. For the next two hours, let’s focus on ways catalyze unexpected new opportunities for young people in marginalized communities. The Youth Spirit Award goes to the card or chain reaction that offers the most innovative path towards personal success and fulfillment for young people.

If you have a winning idea for catalyzing the youth energy in poor or vulnerable communities, PLAY IT NOW! Tag it: #youth

If you’ve already played a great youth spirit idea, BUILD ON IT NOW and tag your build: #youth

Invite your network to play with you, and you can all win the Youth Spirit Award!

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