Calling all Catalysts for Change! Micro-actions count as much as micro-ideas. As a final mission, tell us ONE MICRO-ACTION YOU WILL TAKE in the next month to be a catalyst for positive social change.

It could be as simple as following the link to an inspiring web site you encountered in the course of this game. Or joining an urban garden in your city core. Or going to an urban hack day. Or writing a blog post about your takeaways from the 15,000+ ideas that have come in from all over the world.

Start all Micro-Action cards with: “I will…” and include the hashtag #micro-act

Then look at the micro-actions of your fellow players. If they inspire you, play an “I will…” MOMENTUM or ADAPTATION card to keep the chain reaction going.

Let’s all sign up to be Catalysts of Change in action as well as with our ideas! It’s countdown time!

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