Thank you! And stand by for celebrity awards!

It’s official! More than 1,600 players joined us in the final 48 hours, playing 18,160 cards!

As we wrap our 48-hour global conversation with the world about catalysts for change, we are extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined. We’re especially grateful to our global game guides, under the leadership of our game master Tessa Finlev, for making it possible for people all over the world to participate in this most important conversation.

We have a wealth of ideas to tap as we look ahead to the future, and one of the first ways we’ll share them is with a public announcement of the CELEBRITY AWARDS. Watch for the date and time of the announcement.

Of course, there’s much more analysis to do. This blog will continue to be “communications central” for announcements about our plans and for tracking breakout “micro-actions” from this amazing network we’ve created together.

For now, though, rest up from your good work. And THANK YOU for being CATALYSTS FOR CHANGE!

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