Super Citizen Award!

The Super Citizen is awarded to Nasrendinhoja for rethinking rules to favor the marginalized. People often ask: Do our votes really count – when, how and by whom? Nasrendinhoja proposes that marginalized communities take full advantage of social media platforms to vote on government projects that best alleviate poverty. This pragmatic suggestion resulted in a C4C conversation that gained momentum overnight. Taufik noted that the idea would be immediately applicable to SE Asia where information communication technologies have reached a high rate of penetration. Tanja observed that non-smart mobile phones could be used as a voting mechanism in African countries, (presumably through SMS). Johannes pitched in with an idea to identify specific sectors to target for votes, such as people’s access to water sources. He also questioned whether voting access would be restricted or extended to others. Sahiba pointed to the potential efficacy of public opinion, and Jntdz raised a cautionary comment to consider options in countries that restrict social media platforms.

The cards played in this thread show us the power of C4C conversations. That is, we don’t have to develop new technologies but rather, can redesign ways for individuals and communities to express a powerful voice and at the same time, encourage and reward accountability across society.

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