Share the MOST UNEXPECTED STORY about poverty you know

Understanding the big picture and the small details in the world of poverty is critical to creating positive social change. Share a story, fact, or image that you think is a real eye-opening perspective on what poverty means.

Maybe it’s something about the pattern of home foreclosures in the US, or the creative innovation that comes out of under resourced communities around the world. Maybe it’s about the stark differences between acceptable levels of calorie consumption per day from region to region, or the intricate social networks and support systems that flourish under restraint. Maybe you have an unexpected story about the affects of dense of populations in a favela or slum.

It can be a fact about poverty in the past, present, or future. It can be positive (a story about resilience) or disturbing (a story about vulnerability). It can be local: a fact about your own community, or it can be much bigger than that.

Let’s build a collective and inclusive picture of poverty.

Comment on the blog, or post to FB or twitter. #Catalyze4

THE SECRET PART OF THE MISSION: This is your head start for successful idea generation and collaboration during the game. Think about all the possible variations on your story. Make a secret list. One of these variations could be the catalyst that starts a chain reaction in the game and garners community recognition and new collaborative partners. Save your list so you’re ready-set-go for April 3.

HINT: The action zones in the Catalysts for Change: Paths Out of Poverty map are a great source of inspiration.

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