Announcing the Nomsa Mazwai Award!!

The Nomsa Mazwai Award for the best use of music or other art forms to catalyze positive social change. And the award goes to…

Buchidavinci in Nigeria, and Binti Mwafrika in Kenya (!) for their chain trying to tackle the issue of music and movie piracy, in order to bring in better wages for local artists.



From Nomsa:  “The digital era has made music and movie piracy incredibly easy and fast, this has made it increasingly challenging for musicians in many countries to make a living wage. In some countries this is even leading to an erosion of fundamental cultural entities, and an entire economic base. Finding a way to work with pirates and artists in order to protect cultural expression through the arts is crucial to ensure that all communities are able to maintain their identity and control their own futures. Our world is becoming polarized. We often do not think that there can be a solution that benefits all of us. This game shows us that the way to win, to live in a world of humanity is to connect with each other and find innovative ways to address our collective challenges! Harambe!”

Congratulations Buchidavinci and Binti Mwafrika for your winning chain!

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