Get Net Smart. Play to win the Howard Rheingold award!

Author of Virtual Reality and Smart Mobs, Howard Rheingold wants to see your best ideas for building a true network literacy in vulnerable communities. Always a citizen ahead of his time, Howard has a new book, Net Smart. It offers up this premise:

Digital media and networked publics have emerged so quickly and broadly that our minds, relationships, and societies changed before anyone could get a handle on how they are changing….Social and Network Literacy, as a distinct phenomenon, has emerged as a new fundamental imperative for people working and living in the modern “information” age.

How can we build this literacy across geographies and lifestyles? How can local communities create truly local styles of network literacies that champion their own visions of the future? What does resourcefulness and innovation look like in poor communities that have mastered network literacies?

When Catalyst for Change launches on April 3, be the first to tag your idea with #rheingold. Share your best ideas for building network literacies in poor or vulnerable communities. Howard will single out the one he believes has the greatest potential to change lives anywhere in the world.

Hint: Check out Howard’s Infotention Network for the Rheingoldian take on network literacy!

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