Celebrity Awards: The List:

In case you missed any of the Catalyst for Change Celebrity Award announcements today, here’s the list:

The Rockefeller Foundation Award for the most inspiring approach to innovation in social change for the next century.

The Mitch Kapor Award for the best ideas to level the playing field and span the digital divide.

The Nomsa Mazwai Award for the best use of music or other art forms to catalyze positive social change.

The Jane McGonigal Award for the best use of game principles to change the landscape of poverty.

The Tim O’Reilly Award for the best use of open-source technology to create positive social change.

The Howard Rheingold Award for the best strategy for building network literacy in poor or vulnerable communities.

The Tiffany Shlain Award for the best use of connection to change the lives of poor or vulnerable populations.

The Shannon Spanake Award for the best innovations in open government to engage poor or vulnerable populations.


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