Yes, Catalyze for five is the title of the post.  I am in Accra to guide physical and online players.  Since I had a very-short notice, I did not get the time to give my hair the care it needed.

So I am up at 6:40 AM GMT looking for where to do a quick fix to my hair.  I go to the street in Accra where there are lots of shops.  And yes, a lady is opening the doors of a place where it is clearly marked “hair dressing salon”.  I breath an “ouff” and I ask if I can get my hair fixed.  She says yes.  “I am bringing out the things”.  I tell myself, “okay, that is like 2 minutes..”

Then I begin to notice “strange things”. Another lady is changing from her night gown.  A gentleman comes out and stretches.  A boy of about 9 years old.  Then another younger boy!  Then sweeping.. The whole thing takes 12 minutes.

I get into the “salon” and I realize all the family actually live there!

Now what does the salon look like? A wooden structure. 2 meteres by 3 meters, and a height not exceeding 2.5 meters!

And 5 people are sleeping and working here?

Time to catalyze!





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