Be a catalyst for change! The First Quest: Discover your catalyst identity!

The best way to be a catalyst for change is simply to be yourself. Tapping your skills, your knowledge, your experience, and your social circles will amplify everything you do to as a change-maker. So the first quest is to uncover your hidden catalyst identity.

There are four Catalyst for Change personalities. Which type are you?


Evidence Collector

You like facts and figures. You think information can change the world. Graphs, charts, and maps can turn the world upside down and set individuals, organizations, cities, even entire countries on a new path. Photographs document problems and solutions. Text messages tell the world the truth. You measure your heart rate, the flow of traffic, the bacterial count in your water source. These are the feedback systems that can spark real change that you can measure and track. #catalyze4 #evidence

Capacity Builder

You are a person-of action. You like to get to work and get your hands dirty. You build things, invent new tools, plant gardens, raise llamas. You know how to take something small and make it bigger–or something big and make it smaller. You know how to string things together, like containers on a train or vending carts on a street to make them more efficient, more attractive, or more affordable. When you look around, you see resources everywhere, and you can’t wait to put them to good use. You build capacity. #catalyze4 #capacity

Rules Architect

You’re a people-and-power person. You like to reach out, meet people, understand what gives them strength and what gets in their way. You like to think about systems, networks, and nodes. You lay out paths that speed up some kinds of changes and slow down others. You understand the roles of gatekeepers and know how to redesign those roles to improve access to what matters. You care about laws and forms of government. You believe rules matter in the lives of poor or vulnerable people. #catalyze4 #rules


You are a master of words and rhythm, art, music or dance. You know that the past and future are linked by stories that can inspire, by artifacts that make ideas real, by traditions that celebrate what we value most. You know that stories can free the spirit and spark imagination. Whether you call it a story, a scenario, or a paradigm, you know that changing it can change the way people live. You take joy making the world new by envisioning it in new ways, and you have faith in the power of vision to catalyze deep and lasting change. #catalyze4 #stories

Now do this:

  1. Choose your type.
  2. Copy the badge for your type and post it on your Facebook page, blog, or other social media
  3. Share your new catalyst identity with friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite social media platform. Use the hashtag to claim your type.
  4. Ask your friends if they agree with you about your catalyst identity. Ask them what their catalyst identity is.
  5. If you want, choose a game name that fits your type. Then go register to play the game at

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