Are you a 21st Century civil servant? Play to win the Shannon Spanhake Award!

Shannon Spanhake is not your last-century bureaucrat! First of all, she has a patent pending for air-monitoring technology for which she was named one of the “100 Women Innovating Science and Technology” by the Grace Hopper Foundation. Before that, she was semi-finalist in the Buckminster Fuller inventors competition. And before that, she held a dual position at Calit2‘s cutting edge engineering labs and at the Center for Development Finance in Chennai, Inda.

So what is she doing now? She’s Deputy Innovation Officer for the City and County of San Francisco. An innovation officer in city government? That’s right. It’s the new breed of 21st century civil servant, and Shannon is leading the way with her efforts to build an Open Government program in San Francisco—innovating job creation, citizen engagement, and urban revitalization.

Got at idea for Shannon? Tag it #spanhake and you could win the Shannon Spanhake Award!



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