Announcing the Winners of the Shannon Spanhake Award!!

The Shannon Spanhake Award is going to the best innovation in open government platforms in order to create the most positive change for poor or vulnerable communities. And the award goes to…

crauscher in the US, markburnett in London, and bharath in India! Congratulations to all three of you!!

And the cards that most intrigued Shannon were:

From Shannon: “The “Time Equity bank” chain gets my award because it suggests that citizens should play a role in revitalizing their cities. An example is ImproveSF (, an online platform launched by Mayor Ed Lee that connects citizen problem solvers to civic challenges, citizens volunteer their time to work with City government and are rewarded with a neighborhood asset that they helped to create (along with fun prizes and rewards!). In places or times with constrained resources, citizen participation is paramount and can yield innovative solutions that might not have been previously considered.”

Congratulations crauschermarkburnett, and bharath!! Check your inboxes for a special prize!

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