Announcing the Howard Rheingold Award!!!

The Howard Rheingold Award goes to the best strategy for building network literacy in poor or vulnerable communities. And the award goes to…

AdamMaikkula in the US! Congrats AdamMaikkula!!

The card that inspired Howard was: Network literacy by getting all communities online w/ use of donated/trade-in cellphones & computers on social sites. Use Kiva $ 

According to Howard, “This idea has the potential to provoke action by more people, with broad impact. I would donate old phones, computers, if I knew how (and if it was made easy for me). Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social sites also seems to me to have a lot of potential for kickstarting a robust movement.”

Congrats AdamMaikkula for your winning idea, please check your inbox for a special prize!


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