Announcement of the Rockefeller Foundation Award!

The Rockefeller Foundation Award went to the player for suggesting the most inspiring approach to innovation in social change for the next century… and this award goes to….

player nasredinhoja in Beijing! Congratulations nasredinhoja!!!

The card that has inspired the Rockefeller Foundation was: Use social media platforms to vote on best practice gov projects aimed at poverty alleviation – targetted communities included in voting

From the Rockefeller Foundation:

This idea demonstrates a forward-looking and innovative perspective by showing how new technologies (social media) can be applied to broaden participation by communities in how critical resources are allocated. As the comments in the card chain indicates, this idea has relevance globally and locally, and it has the potential to be organized around different sectors, engage different constituencies, and address complex problem. This approach would provide real-time feedback and input to decision-makers in a way that would build new evidence, generate new capacities in communities, inform the creation of new rules, and potentially lead to new stories about how different sectors in society connect and interact with one another—highlighting the powerful intersection and relationship among the four catalysts for change. A truly winning idea!

nasredinhoja, please check your inbox for a special prize!

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