12 hours left! How to stay productive.

In the first 36 hours of the game we played more than 14,000 cards!!! That is an impressive amount of ideas, concerns, and innovations have been passed around.

Not only is that exciting, but we have also had engagement from all over the world.  More than 50 countries have been represented in these cards. And many new friendships that may lead to real world solutions have formed.

We have played controversial cards… like this one:

We’ve also had a lot of cards that now fall under common knowledge. Ideas like these shown below that focus on 1) teaching people who we perceive as being poor how to find a way out, 2) providing education for all, 3) finding interesting ways to give more money, 4) providing jobs, 5) calling out government and economics as barriers to prospering, and 6) having a lack of empathy from the wealthy.

NOW IS THE TIME TO REALLY STRETCH OUR THINKING! Play the cards you think are truly novel. Play the cards that are real catalysts for change, play something that 10 years from now will totally alter the way we think about poverty and well-being!



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